Pepe Tuscolana offers a pizza delivery service in the Tuscolana-Cinecittà area


Pepe Tuscolana is located in Via Ponzio Cominius 124 (corner via Papiria), between Via Tuscolana and the end of Via di Centocelle, opposite the Centocelle airport. A small pizza restaurant that has taken the place of Sacco, with which it shares ownership.

Cosy and homely, friendly and with a fast service: Pepe is the ideal place for a quick lunch or a pizza evening among friends. If you want to reach us via public transport, we are located a 10 minute walk away from the Lucio Sestio Metro A stop.


Pepe’s proposals concentrate along three lines: traditional food, pizza from a long rising process and gourmet Burgers. We have many other dishes to enrich our offer: fried food, homemade bruschettas and dishes for vegetarians and celiacs.

All entries in the Menu are united by a common thread: simplicity of the recipes and ingredient selection. Ordering from the Pepe Menu, you have the certainty of a quality chain from the flour used for the pizza to the kitchen preparations, this also includes the fried dishes and homemade desserts.


Pepe Tuscolana offers burger and pizza delivery. The delivery is carried out only during the evenings, in the areas of Centocelle/Tuscolana and Cinecittà and has no additional cost.

Simply choose your pizzas, fried food or bruschettas from the Menu, call the number 06769 02286 and we will bring you your order. What is our pizza like? Thin and crispy because the dough is prepared through a long leavening process and cooked in a wood oven!